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April 2, 2006

Combining two useful tools

Filed under: Tech — CL @ 2:56 pm

pbWiki is a free hosted wiki service which allows a user to create one or many wiki sites for personal or shared use. QuickTopic is a free service which allows a user to set up one or many web-hosted discussion pages, with optional e-mail integration and without requiring people who want to add a comment to register first.  

Combining the two provides a very flexible set of interrelated tools. A new wiki site and a new QuickTopic page can be created, with each linking to the other. The QT page can be used for comments (beyond the three comments per page allowed with pbWiki) about entries on the wiki site, by visitors for suggestions for additions to the wiki (if general public editing is not allowed), or by the wiki author as a temporary storage site for items before they are added to the wiki site.


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