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January 6, 2007

Printing Acrobat bookmarks

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Although one commentator estimates that 90% of PDF files available online do not incorporate any of the available navigational tools, knowledgeable users are familiar with the bookmarks that can be created under Acrobat to mark pages of interest for later use and reference.

One regular gripe among those users is that Adobe did not think to include the ability to print the list of bookmarks, or to allow it to be selected as text and copied for pasting elsewhere. For such a sophisticated product, how did it allow this rather basic user need to be ignored?

There have been some suggestions as to a workaround. For a truly cumbersome approach, see the suggestion at the PDF for Lawyers site. There are vendors who, for a hundred bucks or more, will sell a plug-in to do much the same thing.

HyperSnap, an inexpensive screen capture utility, now has (with version 6) a TextSnap feature which comes to the rescue. Select “TextSnap | Text from a region”. Switch to Acrobat and draw the rectangle around the bookmark panel. If the list of bookmarks is long, repeat as needed. Each block of text is copied to HyperSnap, where it can be later copied and combined as needed.


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